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[Shikishiro Konomi] – Stop x Stop

This is a H-magazine chapter again. It’s about a guy who has a stop watch that can freeze time. It was clearly mentioned that it shouldn’t be used for H stuff, but obviously that’s simply impossible when we’re talking about a H-manga, right? And I know all of you would do the same! ======================================================= H-magazine […]

[Ookami Ryousuke] – Close Encounter of NEMOTO

This one is from a H-magazine. Q: What’s new in this release? A: ALIEN!!!!! Enough said. I made sure to bring out the humour, so you’ll definitely enjoy ‘reading’ it(yeah, reading it, I don’t care if you don’t enjoy it the ‘other way’ around too). An alien lover discovers a UFO, and the fun begins. […]

[Saigado + Fujiya] – Back with New Releases!!

Hello everyone!! I recently worked on two projects, and here I’m sharing them with you. (1) The North Wind, the Sun and the Academy This is a H-magazine chapter. It’s about an irresponsible student council president. Well, student council is usually not an ideal place in a manga. It’s more of a place where weirdos […]