[Shikishiro Konomi] – Stop x Stop

This is a H-magazine chapter again. It’s about a guy who has a stop watch that can freeze time. It was clearly mentioned that it shouldn’t be used for H stuff, but obviously that’s simply impossible when we’re talking about a H-manga, right? And I know all of you would do the same! ======================================================= H-magazine […]

[Ookami Ryousuke] – Close Encounter of NEMOTO

This one is from a H-magazine. Q: What’s new in this release? A: ALIEN!!!!! Enough said. I made sure to bring out the humour, so you’ll definitely enjoy ‘reading’ it(yeah, reading it, I don’t care if you don’t enjoy it the ‘other way’ around too). An alien lover discovers a UFO, and the fun begins. […]

[Gunma Kisaragi] – Dream Paradise

This’s a Dream Club doujin. Love is something that you can feel in your heart. But what about your body that has its own desires?! It’s something that can’t be helped, right? Things don’t go the way you want, after all….. ======================================================= Doujin name: Dream Paradise Download Link: [DepositFiles] =======================================================

[Motchie Kingdom] – Cosplay Now!!

Hello everyone!! A little while back, I worked on a project. And here I’m sharing it with you. (#) Cosplay Now!! This is an original Doujin. It’s about a mother and her son. *Sigh…..*, The mother is into crazy stuff, and her son wants her to have some self-control. But hey…, who are you kidding?! […]

[Saigado + Fujiya] – Back with New Releases!!

Hello everyone!! I recently worked on two projects, and here I’m sharing them with you. (1) The North Wind, the Sun and the Academy This is a H-magazine chapter. It’s about an irresponsible student council president. Well, student council is usually not an ideal place in a manga. It’s more of a place where weirdos […]