Hitozuma Yuuenchi

#19: Release -> “Hitozuma Yuuenchi” – Volume 1, Chapter 2

Hello everyone!! A new chapter is again available for you!! This is Chapter 2 of “Hitozuma Yuuenchi”. We hope all of you are enjoying our new series, and there is more to come!! ———————————————————– Have Fun!! – AbhiEpicWorks

#18: Release -> “Hitozuma Yuuenchi” – Volume 1, Chapter 1

Hello everyone!! A new chapter is available again!! This is Chapter 1 of “Hitozuma Yuuenchi”. We hope you’ll be glad that your waiting time to read this new chapter is over now!! ————————————————————- Have Fun!! – AbhiEpicWorks

#17: Release -> NEW Manga: “Hitozuma Yuuenchi” – Volume 1, Chapter 0

Hello everyone!! This is the second new series which you can read from now on. The name of this series is “Hitozuma Yuuenchi“. The first chapter of this new series is available for you! We hope you’ll enjoy reading this New Series and this new chapter!! ————————————————————— Have Fun!! – AbhiEpicWorks