The Breaker: New Waves – Chapter 52


So, this is a new chapter, i.e., Chapter 52 of The Breaker: New Waves.

We’ll be working on this series from now on.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading our releases and support us!

If you want us to work on some other Manhwa too, you’re free to request it. We’ll consider your requests. We’ll prefer working on completely unscanlated Manhwas.

By the way, it’s not like me to release MQ/LQ image scans, but it can’t be helped because of the raw source. Any suggestion to improve the image quality will be appreciated.


Series Name: The Breaker: New Waves
Chapter No.: Chapter 52

Download Link: [MegaUpload]


16 comments on “The Breaker: New Waves – Chapter 52

  1. thank you, glad you took up this series

  2. You know that there are two other groups doing this? And one of them has been on Breaker since the beginning? And they realeased c52 ages ago?

    • @Anonymous

      Well, one of them is already dead.

      So again there’ll be only two groups working on this series, right?

      We’ll also release the chapters as soon as possible from now on.(Maybe within the same day it gets published on the official site)
      This one took some time because I recently decided to work on this series.
      Just wait and see how fast we release the chapters from now on.

      I don’t have anything against any group. It’s just that I like this series, so I decided to work on it.

      Hope that answered your questions!

  3. Ages ? 4 Days ago, but you could ask them to work together, so you all can translate faster.

    New Martial Arts/Supernatural or Comedy Manhwa would be super n1

    thank you for your work

  4. There are pros and cons for two groups releasing the same manga.
    Thinking of myself and other “fanboys” it’s great when several groups are doing a manga, it reduces the risk of one group shutting down or dropping the project, which has happened to quite a few nice series (when was the last time “aflame” got released ^.~?)
    But please make some advertisement about supporting the author with all those standard phrases.
    If you like this series show the author some respect 😉

    • @Sagara

      No problem, I’ll make sure to do that.

      And rest assured because the doors of my group will always remain open as long as you guys keep supporting me and my group.

      Unlike others, I scanlate manga/manhwa out of pure passion and love for manga fans.

      No matter what happens, my group will always keep working for manga community.

      So, don’t get surprised if you find us working for manga fans even after next ten years.

      The only thing I need from you guys is, your support.

      Keep supporting us, and we’ll make sure to bring you more fun and happiness.

  5. Oh, hey, look, same day rls for c53 from A-Team. Feels good to waste your time now? Go pick up one of so many abandoned mangas, not something that is being actively scanlated…

    Email address: fuck@you.us

  6. happy you took it up, a-teams watermarks are only annoying the readers, not the hosters …

  7. Same here. I feel relieved that someone else is working on The Breaker: New Waves. I almost thought that I had to grit my teeth and just put up with A-Teams watermark protest. I have nothing against them, though. Personally, I just like to read clean scans. All the best, man!

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