[Saigado + Fujiya] – Back with New Releases!!

Hello everyone!!

I recently worked on two projects, and here I’m sharing them with you.

(1) The North Wind, the Sun and the Academy

Comm 2

This is a H-magazine chapter.
It’s about an irresponsible student council president. Well, student council is usually not an ideal place in a manga. It’s more of a place where weirdos gather together to do some…, obviously to do some H-stuff. This is a H-magazine chapter after all…..


[Deposit Files]

(2) F-Nerd Color

Comm 4

This one is a doujin(Evangelion doujin).
Want to see Shinji and Misato in action?
Here you go…..


[Deposit Files]


Have Fun!!

2 comments on “[Saigado + Fujiya] – Back with New Releases!!

  1. man, love this stuff. thanks a lot

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