**Special Notification** – RECRUITMENT

Hello everyone!!

With our successful run, we would like to bring more series to you, so we have started a ‘Recruitment Term’ during which we’ll hire members for EPIC WORKS‘staff’.

This is the first time EPIC WORKS is recruiting people for its staff, so all the positions are available.

The positions for which you could apply are as follows:

(1) Editor: An editor edits the raw manga pages. Editing includes both, cleaning and typesetting.

(2) Cleaner: A cleaner cleans the Japanese text on the manga pages as instructed by the group leader, and if required does some other corrections to it, like leveling, removing the dirt, removing the gutter shadow, etc.

(3) Typesetter: A typesetter typeset all the English text as instructed on the cleaned manga pages.

(4) Translator: A translator translates all the Japanese text on the manga pages as instructed.

(5) Raw provider: A raw provider make available all the raw manga scans that a group need for its project(s).

(6) Quality Checker(QC): Checks the quality of the chapters that are ready to be released. A quality checker have to make it sure whether all the required text was translated as per the instructions, and whether their is any error with the typesetting, or is there something left anywhere. A quality checker needs to be a good observer.

Though the priorities are the positions of Editor and Translator, but like it’s already mentioned above, all other positions are also available.

EPIC WORKS wants to make this clear that people who can work fast will be preferred, because efficiency is always EPIC WORKS’ preference.

You’re also free to suggest any project in which you’re interested to work, and EPIC WORKS will take that project under its consideration. At present, EPIC WORKS is thinking about working on an action/ fantasy/supernatural series, so EPIC WORKS especially welcomes all the suggestions from these particular genres, i.e., action/ fantasy/ supernatural .

You can post your reply under the recruitment section when you’ll visit EPIC WORKS’ forum.

We would like to receive a good response from all of you!!


4 comments on “**Special Notification** – RECRUITMENT

  1. Thank you so much for taking up “Okusama wa Joshi Kousei”! That is such a sweet, suspenseful story, and the drawing is super. It didn’t deserve to just fade away.


    • Hello nightman1!!

      You’re welcome!!

      Yeah, it’s a nice story with a very good art style!

      We’ll keep working on this manga!!

      Just continue to enjoy our releases!!

      See you!! ^^

  2. R u guys still recruiting? I’m about to turn 18 and my school is pretty much done (senior year). If you still need a quality checker, I will be glad to help you guys. I’m grateful to you guys for doing SEITOKAI NO ICHIZON after all.

    • Hello andrew!!

      Yeah, we’re still recruiting!

      It’s good that you’re about to turn 18, because most of our work includes Adult genre.

      You can apply by making a new topic in our Forum’s recruitment section. Do read the guidelines first about applying for a new position which you’ll find in the recruitment section.

      See you!! ^^

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