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#Download Information of – *Previous Releases*

Hello everyone!!

To download the previous releases(released till 11/8/2011), you have to visit the Forum – Here

Enjoy yourself!


Hello everybody!!

How’re you guys doing?

I hope you’re enjoying yourselves!

This time I’m not releasing anything.
I’m publishing this post just to let you guys know that I’m still active, so if anybody is worried about my absence, you can take a breath of relief.

I’ll try to release something soon, but yeah, I can’t say anything for sure.

So, enjoy your spare time and have lots of fun!

I’ll see you again later!


The Breaker: New Waves – Chapter 52


So, this is a new chapter, i.e., Chapter 52 of The Breaker: New Waves.

We’ll be working on this series from now on.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading our releases and support us!

If you want us to work on some other Manhwa too, you’re free to request it. We’ll consider your requests. We’ll prefer working on completely unscanlated Manhwas.

By the way, it’s not like me to release MQ/LQ image scans, but it can’t be helped because of the raw source. Any suggestion to improve the image quality will be appreciated.


Series Name: The Breaker: New Waves
Chapter No.: Chapter 52

Download Link: [MegaUpload]


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[Shikishiro Konomi] – Stop x Stop

Comm 20

This is a H-magazine chapter again.

It’s about a guy who has a stop watch that can freeze time.

It was clearly mentioned that it shouldn’t be used for H stuff, but obviously that’s simply impossible when we’re talking about a H-manga, right?
And I know all of you would do the same!


H-magazine Chapter Name: Stop x Stop

Download Link: [Click-to-Download]


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[Ookami Ryousuke] – Close Encounter of NEMOTO


This one is from a H-magazine.

Q: What’s new in this release?

A: ALIEN!!!!! Enough said.

I made sure to bring out the humour, so you’ll definitely enjoy ‘reading’ it(yeah, reading it, I don’t care if you don’t enjoy it the ‘other way’ around too).

An alien lover discovers a UFO, and the fun begins.


H-magazine Chapter Name: Close Encounter of NEMOTO
Download Link:
DepositFiles || Hotfile


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[Bosshi] – FUTABU 6


This is the 6th edition of Futabu(Futa Club) series.

Well, if you’ve already read the earlier editions, then you must be quite familiar with the characters of this series.

In this edition, we once again get to see these ‘beings'(not sure if they’re humans), that have unique possessions and characteristics.

Enjoy this popular series by Bosshi!


Doujin Name: Futabu?!
Doujin Edition: Futabu 6
Download Link: [Click-to-Download]


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Hello everyone,

I’m again bringing you a new series – Anagle Mole.

Anagle Mole Banner

Main Genre: Action, Comedy, Shounen


Luchiru is a Majin who lives beneath the surface of the earth.

He was sent on the surface of the earth as a Spy who will gather information in order to defeat the humans who is living above it.
But the problem is Majins have a different understanding about Humans, they strongly believe that the Human Race are far more superior than Majin’s in every sort of way, but in fact it is the other way around.

How would Luchiru survive in the Human World where he has different point of views on the strength of Human that he Strongly believe that just a touch would make him combust and be disintegrated in an instant?!


This one is quite a new series and is currently being serialized in a Japan’s massively popular Weekly Magazine.

This’s a Joint project between EPIC WORKS and Pinoymanga Scans.

We’ll be working together on this manga from Chapter 2 onwards.


Today we’re releasing Chapter 2 of Anagle Mole, and I hope you’ll like it.

Anagle Mole C2

A short summary of the release:
Luchiru, a Majin who came from the underground world, misunderstands just like any other being of his kind that humans are overwhelmingly stronger than them.
But the reality is just the opposite.

In this chapter, we get to know the name of their ability that Luchiru used in the previous chapter.

Some new characters have been introduced in this chapter, and they will certainly add to the fun. There’s no denying it.

This manga sure is entertaining and funny, so I think you’ll definitely enjoy reading it.


Volume no.: 1
Chapter no.: Chapter 2
Chapter Name: Ranking
Download Link: [MegaUpload]



Sugarless – Chapter 1(Part 3)

Sugar p3

A short summary of the release:

After receiving a blow from Gaku’s fist, Marumo recognizes his strength. When he see Gaku getting involved with some lowlife-weaklings, he comes to lend him a hand.

When the fight gets over, Shake, the number one delinquent, makes his appearance for the first time.

The top shots have finally made their appearance! Is this a bad news for Gaku?
Keep reading Sugarless to find out the answer!


Volume no.: 1
Chapter no.: Part 3 of Chapter 1
Chapter Name: The Top of Windmill
Download Link: [MegaUpload]



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